Research and Development Laboratory

Research Projects (2012-2019)

My Research Projects

  • Historical and Eternal Significance of Christmas.
  • Historical and Eternal Significance of Easter.

  • BoincStats - link
  • Biblepay (mainnet only)- Scripts, notes and historical and current Prices, explorer
  • Biblepay (testnet only)- scripts & commands

  • Siacoin (storage host)- Monitoring tools

  • Uplexa (IoT mining)- Monitoring tools


  • Servers - List
  • References - Articles on Biblepay


  • Masternode community consolidation - due to the increase in collateral required for sanctuaries, we have pooled our funds and resources to continue to support this project.
  • Joint reporting - Example of automated reporting of shares and distribution.


  • Exchanges - list
  • Financials