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Project : Biblepay (BBP) State of the Blockchain (Private Survey)


These are the block hashes sampled at the various times as stamped.
For research purposes only, it may serve as proxy for the state of blockchain.
However, as it comprises snapshots from privately-managed machines runnning instances of the BBP wallet as listed,
it cannot and does NOT claim to accurately reflect the state of the entire blockchain.

Automatically updated block hashes from different servers on MAINNET running EVO:
Thu Aug 22 09:20:05 UTC 2019: Block=139926
pyx-EVO.110.120 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575
pie-EVO.115.080 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575
ple-EVO.114.229 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575
pol-EVO.001.095 = Not Running/Connection Error
pro-EVO.098.201 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575
ply-EVO.111.135 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575
tit-EVO.230.233 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575
pel-EVO.019.034 = ffae37cd7498d9ea9b6fac1f94c5f4fcb12037e79b197e1d4bbf48a7bae6e575

These are the most recently polled and may not be the highest block on the chain, but pretty close to it.

CAUTION: These files are related to the MAIN chain and are for experimental and monitoring purposes and should not be replied on for any other purposes.


  • SouthXchange
  • Machine-readable information may be obtained (via wget or curl) here:

  • Highest block sampled
  • Corresponding hash of the sampled block

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