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Project : Biblepay Evolution TEST Chain Research

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[TXT] wallet_version.txt 12-Nov-2019 00:57 41 Most recently polled Wallet Version - see timestamp @ block height and hash [TXT] useful_commands.txt 10-Nov-2019 06:58 2.7K List of useful commands in TESTNET [TXT] upgrading_to_DIP3_sancs.txt 07-Jun-2019 21:35 4.2K Step by step notes on upgrading to DIP3 sanc on testnet [   ] upgrade_testnet_wallet.sh 03-Apr-2019 20:11 222 Simple bash script to upgrade wallet in TESTNET [TXT] updating_DIP3_sanc.txt 03-Aug-2019 07:14 2.0K Breakdown of update_service ProTx command [TXT] testnet_summary.shtml 27-Apr-2019 02:12 297 SUMMARY of the version, block height and hash running on TESTNET - see timestamp [TXT] testnet_chainstate.shtml 01-Aug-2019 01:00 2.5K Automatically polled block hashes on TESTNET [   ] setup_testnet_wallet.sh 03-Apr-2019 20:35 1.7K Simple bash script to setup new wallet in TESTNET [   ] rev00000.dat 12-Nov-2019 00:57 2.0M Partial index - snapshot as at timestamp [TXT] recent_hash.txt 12-Nov-2019 01:00 65 Most recently polled corresponding blockhash - see timestamp [TXT] recent_block.txt 12-Nov-2019 01:00 6 Most recently polled block height of TEST chain - see timestamp [   ] mysnapshot_testnet.tar.gz 08-Nov-2019 17:20 1.3K GZIP compressed document [   ] blk00000.dat 12-Nov-2019 00:57 16M Indexed blockchain - snapshot as at timestamp. Maybe used to jumpstart wallets
CAUTION: These files are for use on the TEST chain only. For testing and research purposes only.